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This is a special one. It was initially listed in the Nature category but, of course, God is above nature: He rules it. Basically, the God Almighty option works pretty much like the Gun or Paint Ball disasters, except the weapon is... God's Hand! Maybe you'll recognize it the way it was painted by Michelangelo (or maybe not, never mind).
So if you think of God as an old wise gray-bearded man looking down at us from a cloud and playing with our lives and deaths, this disaster is for you.

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In the former, online version, the crowd would take the target-site's opinions, texts, and even colours and pictures, to turn them into slogans.

Now that we don't have a target-site for the application, the desmonstration disaster cannot suck texts from the target. But you have the ability to customize the slogans, just by editing the manif.xml file that you'll find in the movies folder.

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