Drop nuclear weapons over the target-site, thowing at random different kinds of bombs with devastating effects.

Back to topChainsaw

Using the chainsaw disaster allows you to inflict deep scars upon the target-page.
Note: When the target-page features a form, the keyboard control might be unavailable.

Back to topScreenshaver

Drag this shaver and see how pixels fall from the site just like hair from your head. Yes, these pixels really match the colour scheme of the target site!

Back to topGraffiti

Don't you find it kinda dangerous to go out with your spray can and write nasty things on the walls of your nice town? What if the police caught you? Honestly, you'd better use this Netdisaster weapon. Go and write anything you want on the websites of your choice.

This option comes with a lot of controls. Click once before using keyboard controls (to set the focus on the spray can).

Mouse control : Move the mouse to move the spray paint can. Click and move to draw or write on the target site.
Keyboard control (after clicking at least once) :
pick new colour: R red G green B blue K black
LEFT and RIGHT arrows : select previous or next colour.
H : hide / show spray paint can SPACE BAR : clear drawing
+ and - keys: increase or decrease line thickness

Back to topGun

After all, the best way to show one's anger towards a specific site is to shoot at it like a mad man.
This disaster is always mouse-controlled. Click around the gun to control its moves, from left to right, from top to bottom. Click to shoot. Follow the red laser pointer to control your gun.
Interesting fact: the bullet holes reveal that all websites are painted on an iron sheet.

Back to topBloody Gun

You'll be amazed to realize that a site is made of flesh and blood.
Works just like the "Gun" weapon.

Back to topPaintBall

Less dangerous than real bullets, and more fun too: multicolored paintballs.
Works just like the "Gun" disaster.


For weapons such as gun, bloody gun, paintball gun, and hand of God : if you cannot aim at lower parts of the page, try to reduce the width of your browser window - increase the height. Otherwise, the gun might be partly hidden beyond the bottom of the page. Therefore, resizing the window might give you a better control.

Back to topMars attacks

The target-site is attacked by an invincible squadron of flying saucers using lethal laser beams.

Led Zeppelin

Currently disabled.

This special, sponsored disaster celebrates the release of a new Led Zeppelin album, as well as a unique concert of the legendary rock band who invented heavy metal. Beware the "Lead" Zeppelins! By the way, do you know what's on God's iPod?


Back to topText Sucking Machine

Currently disabled.

This one is a bit special. A big pipe comes down from out of the blue and starts sucking up all of the target page contents. This pipe is so big that you can hardly see what's happening, but never mind: there's a special window on this pipe, through which you can look to control the job underway.
Of course, I suggest you use this weapon rather on pages featuring a certain amount of (real html) text. Texts displayed in the form of images (gif, jpg, png...) are not sucked up.

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