Your Own PC!

What is it?

Netdisaster used to be an online tool. Users would target any websites they wished and attack them with virtual disasters. That's over now. Internet giants and their phishing agencies wanted the site down.

Netdisaster is now available as an offline tool, in the form of a downloadable desktop application. It works more or less like the former online tool, just offline. The good side of the story is that the new tool lets you target not only websites, but also anything on your computer screen.


If you wish to download the new Netdisaster desktop application,
go to the download page.

Installation guide



With all my heart, I thank everyone who sent messages to express their support, and tell me about why they missed the site, how they used to play with it, etc.

I apologize to everyone to whom I haven't replied. I just couldn't reply to all mails, so I sort of replied at random, I'm afraid, and I missed most of the mails. Or sometimes, I go sending a reply months later... That's just always the same self-justification (job, family, kids... well, life). However, my main alibi is that I needed time to design the new desktop application, to test it and get it tested, and to build a new site around that. I still need time to improve some of the disasters, complete the site's sections, and also – why not? – add new disasters?

Version History

Feedback or bug report

Whether you have positive feedback about the application or you wish to notify bugs you've found, please fill out this special form on Google Docs. You can also simply send a message.

Donations are also welcome, needless to say! :)