for Use

1. Make sure you have added the program's icon to the Quick Launch bar. If you haven't (or couldn't), that's not too serious. It will just be a bit less comfortable using the app.

2. Go to the site you intend to target, or display anything else you want on your PC screen, just as you usually would.

3. Click the Netdisaster icon from the Quick Launch bar (or double-click the Go.exe file from the folder where it belongs – the trouble is, the folder is likely to overlap your target! That's why the Quick Launch bar is strongly recommanded).

4. The application opens: you should see a small control panel, top left of your screen. You can drag-and-drop the panel to any other place (grab the top bar of the panel with your mouse).

5. First step: Select your disaster from the first combo box.

6. Second step: Check the options of the disaster. Not all disasters have all options available. Disabled options are faded, and checked or unchecked, depending on their default status, that cannot be modified.

7. Third step: Launch the disaster by clicking the "Go!" button. If the Mouse Control option is checked, click on the screen to disasterize your target. Otherwise, just sit and watch. Don't forget clicking the "Go!" button everytime you change an option, even with the same disaster.

8. To close the disaster, click the small "x" (top right of the control panel) or use the Esc key (or the Alt+F4 key combination).

While using the Netdisaster desktop application, you can switch anytime to any other application (currently running, including Windows desktop) by using the Alt+Tab key combination – without closing the Netdisaster application. However, the other application to which you just switched will be disaster-free. In other words, if you switch from Netdisaster (currently targeting application A) to another running program (application B), and then switch back to Netdisaster, you'll find that application A is still under attack – not B. If you intend to target B, close Netdisaster, switch to B, and launch Netdisaster from there.

As soon as you launch Netdisaster, the target will be frozen. By this, I mean that: You won't be able to click through any underlying element (from the operating system or the application targeted); Any animated item will stand still.

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