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Finding the right hosting company for one's site is not an easy thing to do. They all claim having the best services at the best prices, but when it comes down to choosing one of them... what makes the difference?

If you invest as much time and efforts into your site, as I do with Netdisaster (and some other sites of mine), then you know how vital it is choosing the right host. This page is dedicated to sharing my personal experience on this subject. I'll add some more information when I have time to.

As far as I'm concerned, the main thing I would say about Lunarpages is that their customer service is really incredible. Every person I happened to get in touch with really gave me the feeling that Lunarpages cared about me and my questions. On the contrary, the support at my former host made me feel like I was disturbing them every time I wrote: they took days (or even weeks) replying (to one out of three questions), writing in such an imprecise style that I sometimes needed to ask again to make sure I got it right.
Every technician at Lunarpages gives detailed, easy-to-understand answers, accurate advises, and takes the right steps to solve your specific problem.

It's funny to mention that I'm French, that French is my mother tongue (you may have noticed that my English is far from perfect...), and that my former hosting was in France. However, it's been an ongoing amazement to me from the beginning how Lunarpages' support was easier to understand than the e-mails from the French technicians at my former hosting...
By the way, you may be interested to know that managing my Lunarpages account from abroad has never been an issue so far.

There are obviously a lot of other reasons to move to Lunarpages (the price, the exhaustive control panel and its numerous options, the software packages...), but customer service is really why I would advise anyone to move to Lunarpages.

Lunarpages offers various hosting plans, ranging from the basic hosting plan to dedicated servers. The basic hosting plan starts at $9.95/month for a 3-month plan, but only $6.95/month for a 24-month plan. Of course, unless you want to test for a short period before engaging on the long run, you will want to offer your site a stable hosting.

If you need to switch from a hosting to Lunarpages, you might want to have the ability to test your site before changing your domain's DNS, to make sure everything's fine. In this case, Lunarpages can provide a dedicated IP, that will allow you testing your content without the domain name.

The basic plan (Netdisaster's hosting) includes 350 GB storage and 3,500 GB/month bandwidth, plus many other features. FYI, Netdisaster's 20,000+ visits/day require +/-100 GB/month (3 GB/day).

If your site requires more specific features, you can check the other offers, such as Business Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Servers.

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