Life Form

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The target-site gets trampled to death by gigantic prehistoric lizards.

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Nothing more to say: angry wasps come and bite the target-site until it disappears under painful blisters.
Use the mouse-control mode to get the wasps even more angry!
In self-repair mode, your victim will slowly recover.

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House flies simply fly around the target-site. Maybe because of a nasty smell coming from the page! However, the webmaster is unhappy with this situation and he's hunting the flies with a fly swatter.
In mouse-control mode, the flies will still fly around freely, but you've got the control on the fly swatter, and try to swat the flies yourself. Good luck!


These small creatures pick the texts and pics from the target page, and store them before winter. Use the mouse-control mode to put pheromones where you want the ants to gather their treasure.

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It's alone and slow, and it seems completely harmless. Watch out: it could cross out any site with a line of slime, though!
Snails don't like it when you try and touch their eyes. If you do so, they will quickly hide their funny antennas.
Catch the snail before it leaves the window, ot it'll be gone forever!
Using your mouse, you can easily pick up the snail and place it anywhere else in the page. Simply drag-and-drop its shell. Before dropping it down, you can make it rotate, in order to put it in the right direction. Use the left and right arrow keys. Release them when the right angle is reached, and then release the mouse-button. The snail will then move straight ahead - until you pick it up again!
Oh, by the way, when picked up, the snail gets scared and hides its entire body into its shell!

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Do you suspect a site of being old, outdated, kind of not fresh at all? Check if it's not already being invaded by worms (or are these bacteria?).

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Another outdated site?! But it's now the smell of mold that comes to your nose - mold that spreads quickly all over the page.

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