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Scribbling baby

If you have (had) one at home, you surely know that such a small and inoffensive-looking creature has no limits to its destructive potential. This baby got his hands on a big marker-pen and uses his brand new creative ideas to redesign your target-site.

Back to topFried eggs

Want to check if this site you heard of is really as hot as they say? Go and break some eggs over it, and see how good they get fried!

Back to topSpilled coffee

A disaster can also come from a mere cup of coffee spilling onto your desk and screwing up in seconds 3 weeks of hard work. Watch out, this could happen to your site...
Spilled coffee is a one-shot option: you can spill drop one cup, and that's enough to mess up one's site.
In "mouse control" mode, you target the spot where the coffee is going to spill (and not the spot where you drop the cup).

Back to topSlow burn

The inevitable companion to the spilled coffee. Here is what happens when your cigarette butt was not fully extinguished.

Back to topTomatoes

Tomatoes are the right vegetables to throw, if you want to virtually boo a site you dislike.

Back to topCream Pie

You can also throw cream pies at the head of stupid websites to show how much you scorn them.

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