Back to topCow Dung

This peaceful cow is wandering slowly, while chewing some green grass. Sometimes, without a warning, the cow drops its soft big load upon the webpage. Using a handful of grass, you can also attract the cow to the exact spot where you want it to leave its pooh.

Back to topDog Poop

A cute little dog wanders through the webpage. Sometimes, it just passes by. Sometimes, it sits down and drops a few poops, some of them small and solid, some others big and soft. Flies get strongly attracted by the delicious smell of all those poops.
If you have any idea of where the dog would feel particularly comfortable to unload its pooh, then simply choose the mouse-control option.

Back to topPee

This man has probably drunk too much beer, and now, he really needs to pee.

Back to topAcid pee

It's the same drunk guy, but it seems that its last beer was kind of weird, because its pee attacks the page just like acid!

Back to topVomit

Here comes our drunk guy once again, but this time alcohol has made him sick. So sick he needs to throw up right now. You know, I wouldn't advise this disaster to anyone. It's really disgusting, he even walks on... oh my God...

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