Choose if you wish to passively contemplate the destruction of your cyber-enemy, or on the contrary take an active part in the assaults.

auto (default)

The assaults start automatically, and unpredictable impacts hit the web-page at random.


You've got the control! Use your mouse to define the exact spots where the attacks will take place, and at which pace. Do you prefer sporadic and surgical strikes, or on the contrary massive assaults?

For some disasters, no mouse-control is possible. In this case, the option doesn't appear in the selector. For some other disasters, mouse-control is ALWAYS enabled and, in this case, the option does not appear either.

For weapons such as gun, bloody gun, paintball gun, and hand of God : if you cannot aim at lower parts of the page, try to reduce the width of your browser window - increase the height. Otherwise, the gun might be partly hidden beyond the bottom of the page. Therefore, resizing the window might give you a better control.

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